On this page you find information about the 2023 AAIS Book Prize | For past awardees click here.

The 2023 AAIS Book Prize will be awarded to books in 4 categories:


Literary and Cultural Studies

Visual Studies, Film and Media

History, Society, and Politics

First Book


The First book can receive the award also for one of the other three categories.


Authors should send five copies of their book to the following address:


Eva Del Soldato

Associate Professor of Italian Studies

Italian Studies Program

University of Pennsylvania

521 Williams Hall

255 South 36th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305


The books should be received by January 15. Awards will be announced at the AAIS Conference in Sorrento, on June 6-9, 2024.


Please consider the membership policy: all authors submitting books for prize consideration must be members at the time of their submission as well as in the year in which the prize is awarded.


This means that anyone submitting their work for consideration must be a member or their book will not be sent to jurors.


Further, anyone entering the competition must be a member in order to receive the prize.


This amounts to a minimum of two, consecutive years of membership.


Naturally, AAIS is only pleased to have prizewinners among the ranks of membership, both before submission and after and outside of the competition.


In the interests of clarity, let us detail the new policy of two consecutive years of AAIS membership for prizewinners:


  • “Year 1” means the year in which the book is considered for the prize. For example, if their book will be considered for the 2023 prize (awarded in 2024), authors must be a member in both 2023 and 2024. 
  • “Year 2": membership is required for the year in which the prize is juried and awarded.
  • Please keep in mind that, since authors in competition will necessarily not know what the outcome will be, they must renew membership by the renewal deadline in the “Year 2” (January 31) if they wish their scholarship to be considered for the prize.


Submissions made by publishers must include recognition of the membership requirement and must include the author in any email correspondence.


For questions and inquiries, please contact Nicoletta Marini-Maio at marinin@dickinson.edu