The American Association for Italian Studies (AAIS) is dedicated to encouraging, supporting, and conducting research and pedagogical activities in Italian culture. This includes areas such as language, art, music, history, film, literature, folklore, and popular culture, as well as Italy's influence on and interaction with other cultures. Additionally, the AAIS seeks to foster dialogue and innovation amongst members worldwide, and to recognize the needs and experiences of colleagues at all career levels, both within and beyond the university. More. . .


AAIS publishes a scholarly journal, Italian Culture, which is currently housed at the University of Minnesota and Cornell University. Its interdisciplinary scope reflects the broad and diverse interests of the Association's members, offering subscribers scholarly articles on Italian linguistics, history, literature, cinema, politics, philosophy, folklore, popular culture and migration as well as on Italy's influence on other cultures. The journal also features articles on comparative literature and cultural studies. More. . .


The AAIS supports the inherently interdisciplinary nature of Italian Studies, and invites members to organize sessions at the annual conference that approach Italian studies through interdisciplinary lenses. AAIS next conference will be in Sorrento, Italy, at the Sant'Anna Institute on June 6-9, 2024. In order to participate in the conference, and to present at panels or roundtables, it is necessary to be a member in good standing and to pay the registration fee. All info related will be available on our website promptly. More. . .


In 2023 AAIS launched the Giornate di Studio as a way to bring its members, as well as the borader audience, together and to foster discussions on pressing topics in the field of Italian Studies. AAIS Prima Giornata di Studio, was titled "1922-2022: Italy one hundred years later. Femminismi di destra" and it was sponsored by the Association’s Women’s Studies Caucus. The upcoming Giornata di Studio is sponsored by the Association's Queer Studies Caucus and it is titled "Stories in Transit." It will be an online Study Day about Italian Transnational Trans* Studies. More. . .




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