12 OCTOBER 2023

Teaching with Italian Art in the Transnational Italian Studies Classroom

A Zoom pedagogy seminar with discussion to follow for the AAIS

Led by Dr. Tenley Bick
Assistant Professor of Global Modern and Contemporary Art, Department of Art History, Florida State University

Thursday October 12, 5:30–7pm EST


Image: Luigi Christopher Veggetti Kanku, Oggi per domani, 2020, oil and acrylic on canvas, 185 x 135cm; Jem Perucchini, Axum, 2020, oil on linen, 140 x 110 cm. Courtesy of the artists.


Visually engaging and rich in symbolic meaning, works of art are powerful but often under-utilized pedagogical tools in the transnational Italian studies classroom. Intended for instructors of Italian language and Italian studies, this Zoom seminar, offered by art historian Dr. Tenley Bick with a presentation and discussion to follow, provides an overview of methods of instruction and lesson plans for teaching with works of contemporary Italian and East African art in the transnational Italian studies classroom. Lesson plans focus on issues of representation and the ways in which contemporary artists are reworking visual constructions of Italian national culture.


This Giornata di Studio is the last installment of the Executive Council Conference Series from AAIS 2023.  You need not have attended those panels in order to participate. The seminar will be followed by Q&A and discussion. It is hoped that it will generate a free exchange of ideas about the use these pedagogical tools.